96th Infantry Division

Deadeyes Heritage Fund

Welcome to the official website of the 96th Infantry Division. This site is sponsored by the 96th Infantry Division Heritage Fund (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization). We have developed this website to provide information about and for veterans of the United States Army 96th Infantry Division (Deadeyes), 96th Army Reserve Command (ARCOM), 96th Regional Support Command, 96th Regional Readiness Command, members and veterans of the 96th Sustainment Brigade (currently on duty at Fort Douglas, Utah, USA), and relatives and friends.
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History of the 96th Infantry Division
Soldiers' Stories: Events recalled mostly by soldiers who served inthe 96th, and some written by relatives and friends.
Recommended Reading: Don Dencker's suggestions for other readings on the battles for Leyte and Okinawa.
We have established several memorials related to WW II events, many paid for by our Heritage Fund.
Click HERE for a list of the memorials.
Do you have a question? Or would you like additional information about the 96th Infantry Division Heritage Fund? You can email us at 96info@96thdeadeyes.org
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