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Welcome to the 96th Infantry Division Association's website.  We are Veterans of the "Deadeye" Division of World War II, Soldiers who have worn the Double Diamond Patch after World War II, and their families and friends.
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History of the 96th Infantry Division
Soldiers' Stories: Events recalled mostly by soldiers who served inthe 96th, and some written by relatives and friends.
Recommended Reading: Don Dencker's suggestions for other readings on the battles for Leyte and Okinawa.
We have established several memorials related to WW II events, many paid for by our Heritage Fund.
Click HERE for a list of the memorials.
Do you have a question? Or would you like additional information about the 96th Infantry Division Deadeyes Association? You can email us at 96info@96thdeadeyes.org

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2017 Reunion news coming soon.

(February, 2017)


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News from Mary Eleanor "Sis" Wood Smith

(August, 2015)

News from the 2015 Reunion

Scholarship announcement.
We are excited to advise you of a new Deadeye Scholarship Fund. Awards from the fund will require submission of an application from older students, as well as an essay about being related to a Deadeye and what this means. The application will be published in the Fall 2015 edition of the Deadeye Dispatch. The award amount and the number of available scholarships will be announced at that time.
Watch this website as well as our Facebook page for updated information.


News from Diane O'Brien

(July, 2015)

58th Annual Reunion Information
N'Awlins is calling .....
It won't be long until we will all be coming together to celebrate with our Deadeyes. Please visit the Reunions page on our web site for the latest information about the upcoming reunion, including the final schedule of events, times, and room locations, as well as some helpful travel information.
See you soon.

News from Don Denker

(June, 2014)

96th Infantry Division monument dedication, Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota


The 96th Infantry Division Deadeye Association has provided a new granite monument with a bronze plaque to honor the memory or our fallen comrades of the 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army who were killed on Leyte, Phillippines or Okinawa, Japan and for all Deadeyes who fought with valor and distinction to defeat Imperial Japan during World War II.



News from Don Denker
(January 8, 2013)

"Okinawa: Island Fortress" to air on the Discovery Military Channel


One of our Deadeye veterans, Don Denker, has participated in the creation of the TV program "Okinawa: Island Fortress", which will be aired on March 19, 2013 on the Discovery Military Channel as part of the Ultimate Warfare series. In mid October 2012, Don was flown to Lincoln, Nebraska where he was interviewed by Arrow Media of London, England for over two hours for the Okinawa program. Also interviewed was Okinawa veteran, Jim Kottas of the 77th Infantry Division. The program will feature interviews with three Army veterans, three Marine veterans, and two historians.

The Discovery Military Channel has confirmed that the series will begin on January 29, 2013, and will transmit every Tuesday at 10:00 pm (EST). A researcher for Arrow Media stated in an email to Don, "Each film has been built around the testimony of you and other veterans, and we have done our utmost to recreate the battlefield experience exactly as you described it to us. Occasionally, due to access or scheduling reasons, we have had to make minor compromises in our recreations. However, we have consulted with military experts to always ensure factual accuracy and, of course, we have used your powerful and compelling interview wherever we can."
Following are the Ultimate Warfare episodes and their premiere dates:
  • Badhdad: Thunder Runs
  • Kandahar: Against All Odds


  • Leyte Gulf: Courage At Sea


  • Khe Sanh: Marines Under Siege


  • Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle


  • Fallujah: The Taking Of Terror Central


  • Midway: Taking Back The Pacific


  • Okinawa: Island Fortress


  • Chosin: One Way Out


  • Bulge: Holding The Line



Click HERE to find the channel number for the Military Channel for the TV service provider in your area.


News from Jim Black
(April 16, 2012)

Pacific Northwest Chapter of the 96th Infantry Division Association


On April 10, 2012 the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the 96th Infantry Division Association board met at the Oak Tree Restaurant in Woodland, Washington for lunch followed by a meeting held to discuss the future of our Association.


After much discussion a motion was presented and passed that the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the 96th Infantry Division Association be disbanded.


A notice will be sent to the members of disbandment and the balance of the treasury will be split evenly, and the money sent to the Polk County Museum in Rickreall, Oregon and the Monmouth Senior Center in Monmouth, Oregon.


The 2012 Reunion Will Be Held In July

The Spring 2012 issue of the Deadeye Dispatch has been mailed, with information about the Reunion at the Crown Plaza Airport Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO from July 19 to July 20, 2012. Information about the Reunion and registration forms are also available on this Web site. Click on the Reunions tab above.


All members are asked to fill out and return a two-part form.  Part one is a reminder to pay dues for 2012. Part two asks whether you want to continue receiving the Deadeye Dispatch by mail, or switch to the digital format only.  For an explanation of this request, click HERE.  Then click HERE to download the form.



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Archive of previous news stories


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