96th Infantry Division Deadeyes Asssociation

Memorials and Exhibits


Memorials and monuments that commemorate the achievements and sacrifices of the men of the 96th Infantry Division are located in the United States, the Philippines and on Okinawa, Japan.  The 96th Infantry Division Heritage Fund has funded many of these Memorials.


 Okinawa Battle Heritage Exhibit


Okinawa Monuments


 National Museum of the Pacific War/
Admiral Nimitz Museum Plaque

Camp Adair, Oregon 


Fort Benning, Georgia Infantry School


 Congressional Medal Honor Winner Anderson

Building Dedication

Leyte, Philippines Memorials 


 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Arlington National Cemetery


MacArthur Memorial 


Fort Douglas Museum


Fort Lewis Museum 

Camp White Museum 


Camp San Luis Obispo 

National Museum of the Pacific War Against Japan  


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