96th Infantry Division

Deadeyes Association

Report of Co B 382nd Infantry Regiment on the Leyte Campaign

   Joseph H. Nunan, Jr., who served in Co. B, 382nd on Leyte and Okinawa, passed away on April 14, 2012.  His son-in-law, Bill Smeck, found in his papers a document titled The Leyte Campaign, Philippine Islands, 1944, B Company, 382nd Infantry, 96th Division.  He submitted to us a set of page scans. We are indeed glad to have it.  

The document is incomplete.  It's 32 pages cover a period from the time the Division left Pearl Harbor only until November 27th.  Sneck recognized it as a carbon copy from the kind of paper it is on (onionskin) and the poor quality of the print.  Carbon copies could be hard to read, and this one is wrinkled and has turned brown in places.  The pages in the
pdf file were cleaned up somewhat digitally.

All unitshad to write reports of their action in the campaign.  What is different is that this report was written by two Sergeants and two Privates, not by an officer.  That makes it truly a "soldiers' story".  I know that such things did happen.  Soon after the Okinawa battle formally ended, my Company Commander handed me a packet of handwritten
notes, and told me to write medal citations from them.  It became an easier task when I remembered my high school classes on writing narratives.