96th Infantry Division

Deadeyes Association

Recommended Reading
Relating to the 96th Infantry Division and Battles of Leyte and Okinawa

Deadeyes: The Story of the 96th Infantry Division, by Davidson.  Published 1947 and Republished in 1981.  A relatively complete history of the WWII 96th Infantry Division. Has long listings of Killed in Action and Died of Wounds. Also listing of Decorations awarded by the 96th Division

Leyte: The Return to the Philippines, by Cannon, 1954, The U.S. Army history of the Battle of Leyte. Covers the entire land battle on Leyte.

Decision at Leyte, by Falk, 1966. Covers the Leyte Battle which led to the defeat of Japan. Best privately written book on Leyte battle.

From Down Under to Nippon, by Kruger, republished 1989. Gen. Kruger commanded the Sixth Army which the 96th Division was in. The big picture of the Leyte Battle. (Page 343 tells why 96th didn't go to occupation duty in Japan.)

Okinawa: The Last Battle, by Appleman, 1948 and republished 1995. The Army History of the Battle of Okinawa, excellent details and battle maps. (Some of the reprints don't have the maps.)

Typhoon of Steel: The Battle of Okinawa, by Belote, 1970. The best early book on the Battle of Okinawa. 96th Infantry Division well covered.

Operation Iceberg, by Astor, 1995. The Battle of Okinawa as told by the veterans involved, including many Deadeyes.

Japan's Battle of Okinawa, April-June 1945 (Levenworth Papers # 18.), By Huber, published by Combat Studies Institute, Army Command and General Staff College, 1990. Good information on Japanese defense of Okinawa.
The Battle for Okinawa, by Col. Yahara, 1995. The Japanese 32nd Army Operations Officer, Col. Yahara presents an excellent picture of the enemy side of the Okinawa Battle.

Don Dencker