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Don Dencker (Co L, 382nd Infantry Regiment) was the first to collect these stories for the web site of the first 96th Infantry Division Association, followed by stories collected by Bill Hill (Co M, 382nd Infantry Regiment). We continue to be interested in adding additional material, including stories by those who served after World War II.

In addition, there are personal stories in books and oral interviews. One way to access some of them is through Bill Hill's web site, Remember The Deadeyes.
The Bridge
Don Peterson, Co C, 383rd Infantry Regiment
My Chat With a Japanese Soldier
The Last Skirmish
Marvin Margoshes, Co. C, 382nd Infantry Regiment
Mercer H. Carey, Co. "F" 383rd Regiment
Frank Zimmerman, Co. B, 383rd Infantry Regiment
Fred Long, Truck Driver, 96th QuartermasterCompany

The Big Bang

Burial at Sea

The Assault
The Point
Guard Duty
Clete Wiest, Company K, 382nd Infantry Regiment

593rd Joint Assault Signal Company
William Moley, 593rd Joint Assault Signal Company

  • Herman Buffington, Co. K 383rd Infantry

  • Field Artillary Forward Observer
    Charles Sheahan, 361st Field Battalion

    Marvin Allday's Story

    Marvin Allday, Co. C, 382nd Infantry Regiment

    Porter-League Discussion
    Bill Porter, Cos. E and F, 382nd Infantry Regiment

  • From Howard Sachs' Memoirs
    Howard Sachs, Co, A, 382nd  Infantry Regiment
  • Tribute to Ralph Alton,

    Company F, 382nd Infantry Regiment  By William (Bill) Hill

    Unique Okinawa Story

     Richard (Dick) Hagland, Co. E, 381st Infantry Regt.

  • Glen Breach's Story 
  • Co. D, 381st Infantry Regt,  By his sister
  • A Replacement's Odyssey

    Walter Boyd, Company C, 382nd Infantry Regiment

    The Fighting Men of the 381st,

    by Earl G. Kost, 381st Anti-tank

    Kellus Overturf, Robert Ri3e, Raymond Gientke and Joseph Nunan, Co. B, 382 Infantry Regiment


    Chaplain Todd   (Spring 1976)