96th Infantry Division

Deadeyes Association



     Why is there this particular dues payment form this year? Why does it ask so many questions?  The form is there as a reminder. Experience shows that many of us forget to pay the dues without a reminder.

    Why is that this year the form asks if you want to receive the Deadeye Dispatch by e-mail, meaning in digital form? It is no secret that the U.S. Postal Service is struggling financially. It keeps raising its prices, just to keep even. It now costs us $0.45 for each copy we mail at bulk rates. That is the cost for a first-class letter. But bulk mail isn’t handled like first-class mail, and it takes much longer for it to be delivered. How much longer depends on the local post office, but last year some folks received their copy of the Deadeye Dispatch weeks after it was mailed, leaving them little time to register for the reunion and make travel plans.

   We could mail the Dispatch by first-class mail, but the estimated cost to do that is $1.80 per copy. The mailing cost is already a major budget item for us, and quadrupling it is out of the question. Numerous publications like ours are distributing electronically only, or they charge a fee for mail distribution. We don’t think that is an acceptable solution for us because we do have a significant number of members who are not computer users, and the Deadeye Dispatch has ALWAYS been free. So we have come up with another idea. We already post the Deadeye Dispatch on our Web site, 96thdeadeyes.org, as soon as it is printed.  Some of our members have signed up for our e-mail list, and they are notified when a new issue is posted on the Web site.   We can expand on what we already do.  If three quarters of you agree to forego mail distribution, the other quarter could get the issues by first-class mail, and our total mailing cost would not go up.  

    We think the idea is workable, but it up to all of us to make it happen. E-books caught on last year, so much so that Amazon.com reported that more customers bought e-books than they did printed books. Some e-books out-sold the printed versions even though the e-books cost more! Try reading the Deadeye Dispatch on your own computer, e-book reader or tablet computer if you haven’t already. The latest issue and back issues are at http://96thdeadeyes.org/deadeyedispatch.html/. I tried it on an iPad to see how well I could read it on a !0-inch screen. I was struck by how easy it was. An e-book reader should work equally well, and a computer with a flat-screen monitor works very well too.

   So give it a try. We really can’t lose. And if more than three out of four members agree to forego the printed issues, we even reduce our mailing costs. We will let you know on how well the Association is doing.  And we would like to have better information on how goodor bad the mail distribution is.  When you get the Spring 2012 issue, please send an e-mail to me at pfcmargoshes@verizon.net. Tell me the date when you got the issue, and your zip code.

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